>  What is Dealsells.com ?

Dealsells.com is India's leading Cashback and Coupons website. Through Dealsells.com members can save on regular purchases at any of our partner retailers. To earn Cashback, please ensure you click-through to the retailer's website via Dealsells.com site.

>  Which retailers can I save on ?

Cashback if available will be shown as banner for each offer posted in Dealsells.com. Moreover you can also find more details using the "Shop by Stores" link avilable in Dealsells.com.

>  How do I check whether my favourite retailers are on Dealsells.com ?

Click link "Shop by Stores" available under menu for favourite retailers list

>  Do I need to pay to use Dealsells.com site ?

No. This is a free service offered by us.

>  How do I contact your Customer Support Team ?

E-mailing us at contact@dealsells.com

Earning Cashback & Rewards

>  How can I earn cashback/rewards via Dealsells.com

1. Visit Dealsells.com website
2. Search for the retailer you want to shop on via dealsells.com/stores page OR Find out your favourite stores using search field.
3. Click-out to their website by clicking on 'Buy', 'Grab Deal' or 'Get Coupon' button
4. Shop and pay on the retailer's site like you normally do
5. Retailer now pays us a commission for this sale. We pass a percentage of that to you as 'Cashback'. Initially your 
cashback remains in 'Pending' status. Once the return period of your product is over, retailer pays us in the next monthly payment cycle. Your cashback then becomes 'Confirmed'
6. When you have earned a minimum of Rs.150 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your Indian bank account via 
NEFT (for free) or by Amazon / Flipkart Gift Vouchers.                                                                                                                                                                                                      7. Create Free account in dealsells.com to update cashback details (One Time Only).                                                                                                                                                          8. Forward order confirmation email received from stores after completing purchase each time and dealsells will update cashback in your account within 24 to 48 hours and update you with WhatsApp Message to verify.

>  Can I use vouchers along with cashback ?

Yes, for many of our retailers we have cashback offers and vouchers both. Most retailers pay the same cashback rate if you 
use a voucher code along with it. However, some retailers might pay a lower rate, and very few might not pay cashback at 
all if used along with a voucher code. These terms are clearly stated on the individual retailer pages on the 
Dealsells.com site so please ensure you check before transacting.

>  What does Pending Earnings mean ?

Pending Earnings are those that we have tracked as valid transactions and have been acknowledged by retailers. However, 
since they are still within the Return or Cancellation period they cannot be paid out to you yet.

However, if your plans changed and you had to cancel your order, the transaction is cancelled and the cashback is removed 
from your Pending Earnings.

>  What does Confirmed Earnings mean ?

Confirmed Earnings are those that have been approved as valid sales from retailers. When you collect a minimum of Rs. 150 
in 'Confirmed' cashback we can pay the money to your Indian bank account by NEFT (for free) or by Amazon / Flipkart Gift 
Vouchers. You need a minimum of Rs. 150 as 'Confirmed' cashback for each payment request.

>  How long does it take to actually get my cashback ?

This varies between retailers and the type of purchase. Normally after you do the transaction you would get an email from 
us within 4-72 hours stating the cashback due to you. This is called 'Pending' cashback. Once the return period of your 
product/s is over/travel is completed, the retailer knows that the sale was genuine, and then pays us in the next monthly 
payment cycle. The status of this transaction shall then automatically move to 'Confimed'. From the time of your purchase 
it could take between 1-4 months for your cashback to get Confirmed.

>  Where do I see my cashback earnings ?

Once logged in, you can always see your headline cashback earnings in the top right navigation bar. You can click on 'My 
earnings' to see details of all cashback earned. This is also visible on the homepage after you sign-in to your account.

>  Can I visit the retailer directly to get my cashback ?

Unfortunately not! In order to earn cashback, you MUST visit the retailer via Dealsells.com site. This way the retailer 
can track that we got them this sale, and we would receive a commission from them. We pay you cashback from this. If you 
went to the retailer directly, then we will not be able to claim any commission and pay any cashback to you.

>  What are rewards ?

Rewards are same as cashback, which you earn each time you shop on Flipkart via Dealsells.com.

1 Reward = 1 Rupee

>  How do I get Rewards

Rewards get tracked as Pending in your Dealsells account within 72 hours from the date of transaction.

>  How Can I get the rewards ?

Rewards can be paid to you as Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards, as per below terms:

Only Confirmed Rewards can be paid. Pending Rewards cannot be paid till its status has been updated as ‘Confirmed’ by the 

>  How do I request Rewards ?

When you have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Rewards, we can pay you Amazon Gift Cards once you make a request.

Fill in the details on the Contact Us page. Once you request the Gift Cards should reach your email account within 6-8 
business days.

>  How do I request for Cashback and Rewards together ?

Yes. Rewards cannot be paid as Cash via NEFT. However, if total Confirmed Rewards + Cashback is over Rs.250 they can be 
paid via Gift Cards.

>  What are referral earnings and how I can receive it ?

Referral earnings are real cash. It can be transferred to your bank account once your cashback and referral earnings 
together is Rs 250

Missing Cashback

>  I didn't receive a cashback email. What can I do ?

If your purchase was done less than 3 days ago, please wait a little longer. It usually takes between 4 - 72 hours for 
retailers to track sales, so you could still receive your cashback email automatically.

>  Within how many days should I process missing cashback claims ?

Missing cashback claims must be processed within 10 days.

>  What information do I need to submit for a cashback claim ?

In order to submit a claim, you need: retailer name, date and time of the transaction, transaction amount, order or 
transaction reference, and any other details that would help the retailer to track your transaction. Use Contact Us link 
page available in Dealsells.com to proces claim.

>  How long does it take to resolve cashback enquiries ?

Cashback enquiries can take between 1 week to 3 months to resolve. Rest assured we will try our level best to resolve your 
missing cashback query as soon as possible. Remember our incentives are aligned with yours, and we only earn when you get 
paid a cashback.

>  What are the possible reasons for missing cashback ?

The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order amended.

The purchase was not completed wholly online.

You did not comply with the terms and conditions listed on our website and/or the retailer's.

A voucher code or gift code not authorized by our website was used.

The retailer has ceased trading.

Cookies were disabled and hence the tracking could not be completed.

>  What happend if my cashback query is denied ?

The retailer holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the cashback query. While our Collections team shall try 
our best to resolve your cashback query favourably, in some cases your cashback may be declined. Please help us get your 
transaction approved from the retailer by providing all relevant proofs of purchase. Unfortunately, once a retailer has 
made a decision it is final.


>  What is your payment policy ?

Cashback can be paid to you as per the below terms:

Only Confirmed Cashback can be paid. Pending Cashback cannot be paid till its status has been updated as ‘Confirmed’ by 
the retailers.

When you have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT 
(for free) or as Amazon / Flipkart Gift Vouchers.

Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 8-10 business days for payments via NEFT. In case of 
Gift Vouchers, you should receive your vouchers via email within 8--10 business days at maximum.

How do I request payment of my cashback ?

Fill in the details on the Contact Us page. Once you request the money should reach your account within 6-8 business days.

>  I live outside. How can I get cashback ?

You need to have an Indian bank account. Your present location does not affect this till the time you have an Indian bank 

>  How do I change my payment settings ?

When you login to your Dealsells.com account, you can see My Account option on top right navigation bar. Click on Settings. There, please select Payment Settings. Here you can enter & amend your Indian bank account details that you want us to pay the cashback to.

Account Settings

>  How do I change my password ?

To change your password, login to your Dealsells.com account. On the top right navigation bar you can see a link for 'My Account'. Click on Settings, then select change password. You can change your password on that page and press 'Save Changes'.

>  I've forgotten my password, what can I do ?

Use forgot password option available in the Sign In page.

Refer & Earn

>  What are referral earnings ?

Every referral you make to Dealsells.com, we award you with Rs.50 and 10% of all cashback your referral earns.

How do I refer friends ?

Use the refer and earn link available under menu. Copy and Send your unique referral id to your friends and family.

>  Where do I see my referral earnings ?

Click on 'My Account' on top right navigation bar. Then select 'My earnings'. At the bottom, you will be able to see your referral earnings.

>  How does referral friends benefit me ?

Every referral you make to Dealsells.com, we award you with Rs.50 and 10% of all cashback your referral earns.

>  How Can I find my referral link ?

'Refer and Earn" link available under main menu.